About us

Founded by old friends, SETE was created to elevate small, family-owned Italian wine producers who not only farm organically, but also maintain standards of transparency in their practices. We come with a deep expertise in organic farming in Italy, understanding what it takes to dedicate yourself to organic or biodynamic practices as the first step toward making exceptional wine, true to its origins.

Our producers are amongst the leaders in regenerative agriculture and progressive methods of viticulture and winemaking.

We are constantly searching for dedicated winemakers producing wines that are terroir driven, authentic, artisanal, and unique.

Mattia Cristofoli

After studying Law and getting a Master’s in International Development, I worked for five years in South East Asia.
In this period, mostly spent in remote areas of Lao PDR and Myanmar, I worked on Public Health, Food Security, and Rural Development, focusing on finding economically and environmentally sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by those communities.
I moved back to Italy in 2012 when, with a couple of friends, we decided to start Tasi wine and transform the abandoned limestone quarry of Tenuta Le Cave into an organic farm.
Since then, we have been producing terroir-driven wines that can be authentic and natural expressions of our vineyards and the environment that hosts us.
We experiment with organic, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture techniques to rebuild a natural balance in our farms and have not only a sustainable but a positive environmental impact on our work.

Matteo Fasoli

Wine and organic viticulture are something that runs in my veins. My family has been producing wine in Verona with passion and dedication since 1925 under the Fasoli Gino label. To better understand the different aspects of this industry, I studied winemaking, spending four years in the field between Argentina and South Africa.
After returning home, I completed a Master in Business Administration and took over the Export office for the family business.
Here at Fasoli Gino, we believe we are guardians of the land: since 1984, we have committed to organic viticulture and biodynamic practices, focusing on restoring mother nature’s balance.
I have an entrepreneurial disposition, and together with Mattia and Michele, we launched the Tasi brand and Tenuta Le Cave, a beautiful resort overlooking the easternmost part of the Valpolicella DOC valley and the first peaks of the Lessinia Nature Park.
I work hard every day in the hope of leaving a better planet to my kids Raffele and Edoardo.

Ryan Zeman

It all began my junior year abroad in Italy when I took an introductory course on wine. I learned how grapes are grown, how to taste, and, most importantly, how to indulge the senses. I got hooked, and a genuine passion for Italy’s food and wine culture was born.
When I returned stateside to my university in Sonoma, I continued to pursue my wine education.
After graduation, I worked with an Italian wine distributor taking frequent trips to Italy, searching for new producers and the wonderful stories behind the labels.
I experienced the ‘terroir’ of this magical place, region by region, province by province, farmer after farmer.
A decade ago, I started my own wine import company, focusing on Italian wines and other like-minded producers worldwide.