REGION | Pesaro, Marche
PRACTICES | Practicing Organic
TERROIR | Pesaro Hills, along the eastern bank of the Metauro River. Gray and blue marl soils, consisting of calcareous clay and silt. Carbonate-rich. 200 meters elevation.

Az. Ag. Guerrieri is located on the gentle and undulating slopes of the Pesaro Hills, with the majority of the area under vine lying on the eastern bank of the Metauro River, a few km from the Adriatic. The soil formation here consists of gray calcareous marl, clay and silt, with blue marl sub-soil, and they benefit from a topsoil rich in humus.
The Guerrieri family has been farming this land for over 200 years, founding the estate in 1800. But their most important grape is far older: Biancame, the local and ancient name for Bianchello, has a legendary place in the Punic Wars. In 207 BC the Carthaginian troops of Hannibal’s cousin, camping along the banks of the Metauro river, imbibed far too imprudently from a local farmer’s supply of Bianchello.  The Roman legions defeated them the next day, a turning point in saving the Roman Empire from falling to Carthage.

The estate is now run by Luca, Maria Giulia, and Alberto Guerrieri, the 5th and 6th generations of farmers in the Guerrieri family. All 48 acres are farmed organically though not certified.
Practices include cultivating legumes between rows for their nitrogen fixing capabilities, absolutely no use of pesticides, and 100% solar energy: the energy generated exceeds the needs of the winery’s production processes and surplus is fed into the network to the benefit of other local users. Fermentations are natural with indigenous yeast, and SO2 is used only to finish the wine, at bottling, at levels below the minimums required for BIO certifications.

“The authentic way of working the land must be preserved for future generations” – Guerrieri


Sangiovese Colli Pesaresi DOC

VARIETY | 100% Sangiovese

VINEYARDS | Colli Pesaresi DOC stretches from the border of Romagna, the northwestern corner of
the Marche, along the hills around the rivers Foglia, Metauri and Cesano. Sangiovese has been
cultivated here since at least 1596.

VINIFICATION | red vinification with maceration

ABV | 13%

Bianchello di Metauro DOC Superiore “Celso”

VARIETY | 100% Bianchello (locally Biancame, distinct from Trebbiano Toscano)

VINEYARDS | Certified organic, region Ripatransone, Contrada Paggiole. Sandy soil with limestone, elevation 280 m to 380m

VINIFICATION | soft pneumatic pressing to preserve the integrity of the grapes. Vinification in stainless steel after cold static decantation and thermo-controlled fermentation. Indigenous yeast.

ABV | 13%

“Guerriero Del Mare” IGT Marche Bianco

VARIETY | 100% Bianchello

VINEYARDS | harvested only in the best years from the oldest vines; hand-selected; late harvest

VINIFICATION | partial fermentation in wood; oak maturation for minimum 1 year. Indigenous yeast.

ABV | 13.5%

“Guerriero Nero” IGT Marche Rosso

VARIETY | Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARDS |production per plant 1,5-2 kg – late harvest with selection of grapes.

VINIFICATION | long maceration and controlled fermentation. Refined 10 months in French oak barrels and for further 6-8 months in bottle.

ABV | 14%