REGION | Campania
PRACTICES | Certified Organic
TERROIR | in the municipality of Sannio, within Beneventano, on the east side of Campania. It’s very mountainous here, with a mix of volcanic and calcareous clay soils that have a high content of limestone.

Antica Masseria Fosso degli Angeli is a winery and olive farm situated on the volcanic hills of Casalduni in the Benevento region of Campania. The name Fosso degli Angeli comes from an ancient olive grove near the farm.
The locality Casalduni is at high elevation in the heart of the Sannio Beneventano, a region known for Falanghina but also for rich, powerful Aglianico, with Taburno at its center. The vineyards are mainly on calcareous clay soils at an average height of about 450 meters above sea level, and up to 560 meters for some Falanghina plantings.
The label was founded in 2009, though the farm has been in operation much longer, selling their fruit as many of the 2000+ growers in the Sannio region do. Pasquale Giordano, Marenza Pengue and Dina Pengue decided to keep their family’s fruit from 7 hectares of vines, among 10 hectares of forest and 15 of pasture and forest.

Organics and biodynamics have been practiced here since planting, with certification from Biologico. Compost and green manure keep the soil healthy and buffered from heat and cold, a cover of indigenous herbs and flora promote biodiversity, and herbal preparations are applied to prevent destructive insects and promote symbiotic ones.
Only organic sulphur and copper are used as needed in threat of mildews. All vineyard work is done by hand, including harvesting, and a traditional vertical press is used after short macerations to only extract the first press, or ‘flower press.’ Indigenous yeast fermentations proceed via pied de couve, then ageing in oak barrels and stainless steel followed by a rest in bottle.


‘Cese’ Falanghina del Sannio DOC

VARIETY | 100% Falanghina

VINEYARDS | in Casalduni, 560 meters elevation, clay and calcerous soils of volcanic origin. 2012 – 2018 plantings.

VINIFICATION | crushed, cold maceration with the skins for 12 hours and gentle pressing. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts in steel at a controlled temperature. Maturation in steel tanks for 1 year, then bottle 1 year.

ABV | 14.5%

Piedirosso ‘Pezza’ Sannio DOC

VARIETY | 100% Piedirosso

VINEYARDS | in Casalduni; planted in 2012 on clay and calcerous limestone 400 meters ASL

VINIFICATION | maceration in steel with the skins, on average 20 days, maturation in steel for 6 months and another 6 in the bottle

ABV | 13%

Aglianico ‘Rajete’ Sannio DOC

VARIETY | 100% Aglianico

VINEYARDS | in Casalduni – Guardia Sanframondi. Clay and tufa-rich sand, 400 meters elevation

VINIFICATION | long maceration in steel with the skins, on average 30 days, maturation in steel for 12 months and another 12 in the bottle

ABV | 13%