Edoardo Nono of the famed Bar Rita in Milan has created a Falernum that
can reach the market while maintaining its original artisan qualities.

Falernum was born in the 19th century in Barbados, from a blend of rum,
local fruit, and spices, to be drunk as a tonic simply diluted with ice or to soften
the rums of the past, decidedly more violent than those we are used to today.
Subsequently, during his Caribbean “exile” (Prohibition was in force in the States),
Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, better known as Donn The Beachcomber, the
creator of the very concept of Tiki, began to use it in his drinks, until it became an
ingredient irreplaceable. After Prohibition, Donn returned home making Tiki
mixing depopulate and with it the Falernum.

– Caribbean white rum, dark rum,
– FRESH ginger, – FRESH Ginger is how it differs from other competitors.
– Cinnamon, clove,
– Bitter almond,
– Lime, lemons (just the peel)
– Sugar 20%.




Ginger Falernum

An obligatory ingredient in Tiki, it surprises in the company of bitters and citrus-
based distillates, bringing its own characteristics and fragrant hints of ginger.

The color is deep yellow and cloudy. On the nose the notes of ginger and bitter
almond stand out, joined by sinuous hints of lime. The taste is strong and

17% Alcohol
59 °F as service temperature