REGION | Toscana
PRACTICES | Sustainable
TERROIR | Well balanced component of sand, silt and clay, as well as a high presence of stones and an extraordinary iron richness, the soil of the Rigoloccio estate is by its very nature suited to cultivation of grapes and especially to the production of great wines.

To import Vitis vinifera from Ancient Greece were the Etruscans around the seventh century AD since then, the cultivation of the vines has never stopped, favored by the mild climate and by the land with an exceptional mineral composition, due to the presence of numerous underground deposits.

In fact, the discovery of the pyrate mine dates back to 1898 which took the name Rigoloccio “fiumiciattolo”, from the Tuscan “rigo”, river, due to the presence of the Upper Maremma.

Since its foundation, and even more with the new direction taken in 2017, Rigoloccio has always aimed to create its own “style”, to make each bottle highly recognizable. For this reason, grape production per plant barely reaches 800 grams, and production per hectare is around 60 quintals. Top-of-the range equipment enhances the quality of the grapes, while the winemaking methods guarantee constant temperature control in every phase of vinification. Meticulously hand-picked grapes are first cooled from about  30-35°C to 12-16°C, so that no precious aromas are lost. To this end the choice of when to harvest is important.


Fonte Dell'Anguilliaia

VARIETY | Cabernet Franc 30%, Cabernet Sauvignion 30%, Petit Verdot 30%, Merlot 10%

VINEYARDS | Soils are 70% Galestro, 30% Albarese, 250 – 300 m elevation

VINIFICATION | maceration and fermentation at controlled temperature (26°) fo 21 days with pump-overs and push-downs. After the assemblage the wine rests for 12 months  in stainless steel tanks.

ABV | 13.5%