REGION | Veneto
PRACTICES | Vini di Luce Certification, Practicing Organic and Biodynamic
TERROIR | Castelcerino, in the Verona province, lies between the Val Tramigna and the Val d’Alpone. Vineyards face generally south, with Vini di Luce’s on basalt, a volcanic soil, with clay topsoil.

Vini di Luce’s Veneto wines are part of the Nous Cooperative Nuovo, a union of small producers founded in 2015 by Sara and Alessandro Filippi who work together to restore vitality to the land and the people whose livelihoods depend on it.
Vini di Luce, which takes its name from the holistic farming and winemaking movement developed by Alessandro Filippi, is an ethos between work on the land, Light and Carbon Farming, and the work in the cellar, the Vini di Luce method. Its goals are to restore levels of carbon in the soil, to obtain healthy plants naturally, and to harness the energy of the area into the fruit without any chemicals in any part of the grape-growing or winemaking process.
At its core, Light and Carbon Farming re-thinks how nitrogen and carbon are used by and provided to plants, going far beyond organics and biodynamics into regenerative practices to restore carbon, essential for fertility, mineral absorption, and diversity of mutually beneficial micro-organisms. The method uses natural nutrients made in house to increase the light absorption and photosynthetic capacities of the plant. Herbal teas, extracted from plants such as chamomile, alfalfa, horsetail, burdock and others using dynamized water, nourish the plant through the vegetative system, and effectively stimulate the roots. Green manure, planting plants of different species among the rows, supports micro-organism’s activity.
Sara makes the Vini di Luce wines with a complimentary philosophy: indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, little invasive filtration and with few and targeted interventions, always following the rhythms dictated by nature.


Bolle di Magenta (Garganega Ancestrale)

VARIETY | 100% Garganega // ABV | 11%

VINEYARDS | Castelcerino di Soave. volcanic origin basalt with clay, south-east exposure

VINIFICATION | grapes are pressed directly, first fermentation in cement tanks for about 20 days; before the end of the alcoholic fermentation, it is cooled and decanted to maintain the sugar residue necessary for refermentation in the bottle. In April, at the first growing spring moon, it is bottled manually according to moon cycles without disgorgement or added So2

Soave DOC 'Magenta’

VARIETY | 100% Garganega // ABV | 13%

VINEYARDS | Castelcerino di Soave. volcanic origin basalt with clay, south-east exposure

VINIFICATION | destemmed, crushed; the first press must is immediately cooled for the Magenta, the remaining must is used for the “Magenta sul Bucce”. The must is separated from the lees without the use of enzymes, fermentation in cement tanks for 20 days, temperature controlled. Remains on lees for 6 months. No stabilizing clarification, bottled after light filtration.